Quality romise

Quality romise



Service duties

  1. Our company establishes and improves the “Integrated Management System of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety” and after-sales service networks, and provides qualified building curtain walls to owners in accordance with the “Product Quality Law” and “Consumer Rights Protection Law” to ensure that Qualified curtain wall works are not delivered.
  2. Ensure that the building curtain wall provided to the owner conforms to the GB / T21086-2007 “Building Curtain Wall” standard, JGJ102-2003 “Glass curtain wall engineering technical specifications” and JGJ133-2001 “Metal and stone curtain wall engineering technical specifications”。
  3. The building curtain wall constructed by our company is subject to quality warranty system. The three guarantees (repair, replacement, and compensation) of the building curtain wall are as follows:
  Two years for curtain wall glass; five years for granite slabs (microcrystalline glass, porcelain plate); ten years for metal rods; ten years for structural glue; two years for accessories and accessories; ); After the warranty period expires, the repair costs and replacement materials shall be in accordance with the contract.
  The warranty for construction projects undertaken by our company shall be implemented in accordance with the agreed warranty period of the contract. If the national and local governments have special requirements, they shall be implemented in accordance with national and local government regulations. During the warranty period, we will be responsible for the repair of the quality problems caused by our responsibility. Due to improper use by customers or quality problems caused by irresistible factors, when customers request repairs, we will carry out repairs in accordance with the agreement reached between the two parties. The completion of the project exceeds the warranty period and quality problems occur. When the customer asks for maintenance, we will carry out maintenance according to the agreement reached after consultation between the two parties.
Service facilities
  1. When the project is delivered, the company provides the “Instruction Manual for the Use and Maintenance of Engineering Products” to guide customers in the correct use and maintenance.
  2. In the process of using the project after delivery, according to customer needs, provide technical consulting services.
  3. For completed projects that require troubleshooting, our company prepares troubleshooting plans and work plans and organizes their implementation.
  4. There are major problems in the finished project (such as large-scale rain leakage, quality problems that affect structural safety or difficulty in construction, and difficult to judge the cause of failure, etc.). Our company proposes troubleshooting plans, prepares work plans, and organizes implementation.
  5. After the troubleshooting / maintenance is over, our company will carry out a re-inspection on the troubleshooting / maintenance project, and submit it to the owner for signature and approval after the re-inspection.

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