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Passionate, who is "feather" fighting --- the fifth "Lingyun Cup" badminton friendly match

The stadium is full of passion, and the players show their skills! Powerful swing, flexible rotation, high-tech smash, this is the charm of badminton sports. At this time, this charm is infecting everyone in the Blue Flame Stadium. One shot at a time, who “feather” is fighting! The fifth “Lingyun Cup” badminton friendly match of Lingyun Construction and Decoration Company kicked off at Lanyan Stadium on November 5.

The 2nd "Lingyun Cup" Football Friendly Tournament of 2018

September is the season when the autumn is high, and September is the season when it is fruitful. In the third quarter, all units of the company focused on sprinting the whole year's production and operation tasks as the center to complete the sprint for the completion of the year's tasks. All production and operation activities entered a busy period of fast-paced, high-intensity and high pressure. In order to better promote the production and operation and the smooth progress of various tasks, the company's labor union organized the second “Lingyun Cup” football friendly match in Han units.

Strong physique Sun life Happy work

On June 9th, facing the hope and basking in the sun, the 19th “Lingyun Fitness Day” and the Track and Field Games of the group company were grandly opened. This is a grand event for Lingyun people to unite and struggle, and it is a grand event for Lingyun people to surpass themselves and work hard. The 19th “Lingyun Fitness Day” and track and field meeting of the group company kicked off in Lingyun Elementary School full of vitality and vitality. The construction and installation company's nine branch labor unions in Han, a total of more than 500 leading cadres and employees participated in this sporting event. Chairman of the group company Longlong Guang, general manager Liu Peng and members of the party committee team attended the Games.

Eagle strikes the sky, Lingyun style ---- remember the fourth “Lingyun Cup” volleyball friendly match

The second quarter is a crucial stage for sprinting for half a year's mission goals, and each task is burdensome. In order to have better working efficiency during the peak period of production and operation, the company's labor union continued to organize the 4th “Lingyun Cup” volleyball friendly match of the construction and installation company based on the principle of happy work and healthy work.
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