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The 21st "Lingyun Fitness Day" sports meeting was successfully held

October 29, the 21st "Lingyun fitness Day" track and field games final in Wuhan district passion started. Nearly 70 athletes from the company participated in 24 events. After intense competition, the athletes won many awards in team and individual events. The sports meet came to a successful conclusion.

Blind date party successfully held

On October 31, the company's labor union held a fellowship with the Changqing First School.  A total of 53 young employees from the company and young female teachers from the Changqing First School enhanced the communication and understanding, established sincere friendship, and 36 young people succeeded hand in hand at the blind date.

Go hiking in the fall

Recently, the trade union of company has carried out hiking activities, greatly enriching and activating the amateur cultural life of employees in various units, creating a healthy and upward corporate culture, promoting team building, enhancing centripetal cohesion and stimulating action strength and spiritual motivation.

Ling Yun's new strength, growth in progress

In the turn of time, another year's entry season, 103 new employees from all over the country walked into Lingyun with confident and cheerful smiles and full of curiosity and expectation. Lingyun curtain wall has prepared solid training courses and rich cultural and sports activities for them here to help them bloom their youth and open their Lingyun dream. Let's review the unforgettable and precious moments of the 2021 new employees!
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