Lingyun Road

Lingyun Road

  Wuhan Lingyun Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is the most powerful enterprise in domestic building curtain wall doors and windows. It is a Class A design qualification and a first-class construction company approved by the Ministry of Construction. It is also the first Chinese building curtain wall industry to pass both China ISO9001 and German TUV quality. The certified enterprises have successively constructed more than 600 major curtain wall projects, including the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Jinmao Building, Beijing Military Commission Building, and Shanghai Grand Theater, and have been hailed as “China's tower king and curtain wall king”.
  Wuhan Lingyun Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. has a post-doctoral scientific research workstation, a first-class series of curtain wall CNC machining centers, CAD design centers, curtain wall testing centers, airborne electronic equipment maintenance and testing equipment research and development centers, first-class talents, first-class technology, First-class equipment, first-class quality, first-class service.
  Wuhan Lingyun Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. has successively won more than 100 honorary titles including the National May 1st Labor Award, National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise, National Excellent Enterprise in Ideological and Political Work, and National Advanced Enterprise with Quality and Efficiency, for ten consecutive years. It was rated as “Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise” in Hubei Province and Wuhan City. Lingyun's 34 curtain wall projects, including the Tianjin TV Tower and Shanghai Broadcasting Building, have won the “Luban Award” and are the enterprises that have won the most “Luban Award” in the construction curtain wall industry.
Lingyun Road
  Glorious history
  From failing to pay wages on the verge of bankruptcy in 1985, to the rush of modern large-scale factories today, from pedaling tricycles to find a way out for civilian products, and now becoming a leading company in the curtain wall industry, Lingyun people have created one miracle after another.
  Entrepreneurial stage (1974-1985) In June 1974, more than 400 entrepreneurs came to Wuhan with a love for China ’s aviation repair business and a sincere sincerity for the national defense cause. There were no drawings, no equipment, and no experience to learn from. In the middle of a reed, under the severe heat and the extreme cold, the infrastructure construction and production at the same time quickly formed the repair capability of a certain type of aircraft. Therefore, Lingyun Technology Group's fine traditions of "military management" and "military soldiers who do not wear military uniforms, and iron soldiers who dare to fight hard battles" formed and passed down to this day, and became the most unique part of Lingyun culture.
Lingyun Road
  Reform stage (1986-1994). With the shift of the party's work focus, the deepening of reform and opening up, and the one-million-degree disarmament, Ling Yun is facing severe challenges from a planned economy to a market economy, from the production of military products to the production of civilian products, and from the status of soldiers to employees. This change is the conflict between two systems and institutions, the conflict between two concepts, and essentially the conflict between two cultures.
  The Lingyun people sang the international song, entrepreneurship song and dedication song of “do not rely on the sky, do not rely on the ground, rely on yourself to save yourself” to realize the second entrepreneurship. Continue to break through the traditional barriers of equal, reliable, essential, egalitarian, and big-pot-eating concepts, be brave in pioneering and aggressive, fully introduce market competition mechanisms, deepen the reform of the employment system and distribution system, and change the appointment system to recruitment I want to do what I want to do, change the director to find the market, break the iron rice bowl, and remove the iron chair. Formed a unique body of Lingyun culture, embodies the spirit of reform that keeps pace with the times.
  In order to adapt to market changes and enterprise development, Lingyun people boldly reformed, adopted a professional division of labor and intensive operation mode, unified financial management, established a second-tier company, built two pillar industries of aircraft repair and building curtain wall doors and windows coexist. A modern enterprise group mainly based on civilian support and military-civilian integration.
Lingyun Road
  progression stage (1995 to present) Development is the last word. This is even more true for businesses. In order to connect with the world as soon as possible, Lingyun put forward the goal of building a modern science and technology multinational enterprise group in the early 21st century. Under the new situation, major adjustments have been made to corporate development strategies.
  Technology enhances competitiveness. Technology is the primary productive force. Lingyun implements the strategy of “rejuvenating enterprises with science and technology.” It has signed technical cooperation agreements with international curtain wall companies such as the United States and Germany. Prepared fresh forces.
Lingyun Road
  Recast glory
  From arduous entrepreneurship to steady development, Lingyun people live in peace every day. How to make Lingyun stronger and bigger becomes the common ideal and pursuit of every Lingyun person.
  The Lingyun Road has been written as Lingyun's own unique culture, and recasting glory is a further improvement of Lingyun culture.
  “Xiongguan Man Road is as iron as iron, and now we are striding forward from scratch.” In the new century, Lingyun people will continue to carry forward Lingyun's spirit and lofty spirit under the guidance of the development strategy of “mainly military-oriented, aviation-oriented, strong civilians, strong enterprises and rich people”, under the inspiration and inspiration of Lingyun's corporate culture Ling Yun has lofty aspirations, shares the hardships and struggles with unity, and strives to build Ling Yun into a modern and modern multinational enterprise group.
Lingyun Road

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