• Rolex Building

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Time: 2007
Contract value: 123 million yuan
Design company: OBD
Building height (m): 247
Area (square meters): 36000
Type: Unit glass curtain wall
Location: Dubai
  The Rolex project in Dubai is located in Sheikh zayed road PLOT NO.336-274 trade center second Dubai, UAE, with a total curtain wall area of 40,000 square meters. The parking lot is 3 floors underground and 10 floors above, and the outer wall is a long prefabricated concrete hanging board. The tower part is 1 floor underground and 66 floors above ground. It is an office and residential complex. Offices below 33 floors are office areas, and residential buildings above 33 floors Area, with a total building height of 246.8 meters. The entire project is dominated by unit-type curtain walls, which also use curtain walls of different forms and styles. The hollow glass unit curtain wall used in the exterior finishes the entire tower with simple and straight outlines, smooth lines, and randomly-shaped strip-shaped glazed glass patterns, just like a group of beating notes, giving great visual impact and beautiful reverie and enjoyment.

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