• Kuwait Wuba Insurance Company Headquarters Building

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Year: 2006
Contract amount: 11.07 million yuan
Design company: OBD
Height: 70
Area (square meters): 5527
Type: glass, aluminum panel, solar shading curtain wall
Location: Kuwait
  Kuwait Woba Insurance Building is the first project signed by the company in the Kuwaiti state. The building is designed as a frame shear structure, 21 floors above ground, 1 basement floor, and a building height of 102m. The main form of curtain wall includes steel structure point glass curtain wall (ground Layer to mezzanine), hollow glass curtain wall (first layer to roof equipment layer), aluminum panel curtain wall (ground layer to roof layer), single-layer glass curtain wall (roof apex portion), and a few metal shutters and doors.
  The characteristic of this building is our company's first application of photovoltaic curtain wall. High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cell photovoltaic sun visor is installed on the south facade of the building, with a total of 103m2 (sun visor width 600mm). It is constructed according to an independent photovoltaic system. For emergency lights with a power of 10kW.

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