• Kuwait ARRAYA office building

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Year: 2006
Contract amount: 56 million yuan
Design company: Fentress Bradburn
Building height (m): 300
Area (square meters): 40,000
Type: Unit, frame glass, aluminum panel curtain wall
Location: Kuwait
  Alaya Building is located in the bustling SHARQ district of Kuwait City, and was invested and constructed by Kuwait's largest real estate company, SALHIA. The building has 60 floors, the height of the roof marker pole is 60 meters, and the total height of the building is 300 meters.
  大楼 The overall shape of the building is simple and straightforward, with a lot of changes in its exterior. The exterior wall is decorated with glass and aluminum panels, which echoes the previously completed Alaya Hotel, shopping mall and parking lot projects and the surrounding natural environment, making the entire building complex integrated.

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