• King VVIP Terminal

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Time: 2008
Contract amount: 20.83 million yuan
Building height (m): 265
Area (square meters): 25600
Type: Unit, frame glass, aluminum panel curtain wall
Location: Kuwait
  King VVIP Airport is the only royal project undertaken by our company in the Kuwaiti state so far. The airport terminal is close to Kuwait International Airport, and the dedicated runway is independent of the west side of the international airport runway. It is the exclusive royal airport of the Kingdom of Kuwait. The entire building consists of a 64.5m high main structure and a 35m high curtain wall shape above it. The curtain wall has a novel and unique shape, and is unique in Arabic style. The main body is a yurt covered with silver aluminum plate, surrounded by four independent blade shapes. The blade shape is covered with golden aluminum plate, which reflects the grandeur and majesty of the royal building.

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