South China Processing Center

South China Processing Center

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  The South China Processing Base is located in the courtyard of No. 19 Yunquan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City. It has convenient transportation and covers an area of ??about 30 acres. The three workshops are profile processing workshop, assembly workshop and glue injection workshop.
  One, hardware equipment configuration
  The profile processing workshop is equipped with 6 Jinhuangyu machining centers, 1 5-axis pendulum compound angle double-headed saw, 3 ordinary double-headed saws, 3 single-headed saws, 1 angle-code saw, 1 multi-head drill, and 3 sets Aluminum profile processing equipment such as profile milling and two angle extrusion machines, as well as steel plate accessory processing equipment such as shears, bending machines, punches, bench drills, and tapping machines; the assembly workshop is equipped with a central warehouse, various types of materials, Frame and unit assembly tooling equipment; the glue injection workshop is equipped with four two-component glue machines, cantilever cranes, electric glass suction cups, constant temperature glue injection rooms, finished product storage and transfer tooling fixtures, all profiles for frame and unit engineering and Accessory processing and assembly capabilities.
  Second, staffing
  The Guangzhou processing plant currently has 12 managers and more than 70 workers, all of whom have been engaged in the curtain wall industry for several years. They have rich experience, deep technical skills, and strict management standards. Each post has its own duties, including full-time planners, craftsmen, and quality safety officers. , Warehouse manager, workshop director, workshop team leader and backbone force, etc., the number of workers can be appropriately increased or reduced according to the amount of production tasks.
  III. Production capacity
  According to the current staffing and equipment configuration of the processing plant, it can complete the processing of unit profiles from 1,500 tons to 1,800 tons / year, the processing of frame profiles from 3,000 tons to 3500 tons / year, and the production and assembly of finished unit plates of 30-60 pieces / day (200㎡— 400㎡), and 400——600 pieces / day of finished frame glass (600㎡—800㎡).
South China Processing Center

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