Shanghai Processing Center

Shanghai Processing Center

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  Wuhan Lingyun Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Company Shanghai Processing Center (Tongzhou Bay Manufacturing Base), located at No. 1 Xiangjiang Road, Tongzhou Bay Demonstration Zone, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, is the production and processing base of Lingyun curtain wall in Shanghai. Hidden frame, unit, point curtain wall and other technologies are very mature. The production of double-layer curtain walls, photovoltaic curtain walls, ecological curtain walls, and intelligent curtain walls with Chinese characteristics is also very complete.
  Now the Shanghai Processing Center has completed three profiles processing production lines and four unit body curtain wall assembly lines, and has the production capacity. The design capacity of the Shanghai Processing Center is 3,500 tons of curtain wall profile processing per year, and 200,000 square meters of unit body curtain wall assembly per year. More than 40 sets of existing profile processing equipment. There are mainly single-head saws, automatic feeding and cutting machines, arbitrary-angle double-head saws, compound-angle double-head saws, end mills, angle interface saws, three-axis CNC profile machining centers, heavy-duty profile milling, and hydraulic angle forming machines Realize automatic digital control. New profile processing center with automatic tool change, which can complete drilling, milling, tapping and sawing. The tool shaft can be rotated by plus or minus 90 degrees and positioned at any angle. Six-sided arbitrary angle processing of materials such as combined angle profiles. The equipment has high processing precision, good repeat processing consistency, and can meet the different processing needs of various types of curtain walls and roof systems.
Shanghai Processing Center

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